Nicotine Addiction Success Stories

I was a smoker for over 42 years and was smoking 2-3 packs per day. I was very skeptical of any treatment using laser therapy.

I had tried many other ways to quit that just never worked for me. I guess looking back now I really didn't want to quit, I felt like I was loosing my best friend and I wasn't ready.

Then my daughter told me about laser therapy after I had my first mild stroke (my body was giving me a warning!!!) and I didn't want to die...I wanted to do this for ME.

I suffer form many other medical conditions too and my cough was getting worse and worse. Now I have no cough!!! For that reason alone I am thankful.<

When I came to Global Wellness they were very reassuring and I was instantly at ease. They explained the entire procedure to me and I was very calm and ready to start my new life.

After my treatment I was amazed at how I couldn't stand the smell of smoke anymore. My jacket smelled, my hands and my house all smelled like cigarettes....I had alot of work ahead of me. I also had no physical cravings, and when I did experience a craving it passed so quickly I was amazed. I had to deal with "IGOR" quite often and sometimes he could be pretty persuasive, but I overcame him too. One day at a time, keep yourself busy and if you don't know who Igor is, you will when you go through this process. I'm so happy I finally found something that worked for me.

I have now been smoke free and feel so much healthier since December 2008.

Global Wellness has given me back my life and I'm so very thankful.
Maggie. Simcoe, Ontario

Dear Staff: 15 years ago my wife and I who had smoked for 25 yrs and myself who smoked heavy for 30 yrs had the laser treatment. Neither one of us has had a cigarette since. The best part was it was easy to do. It also paid for itself in the first month. Yours truly, Al and Gale

Dear Clinic Staff, I have been smoke free for over 6 months now. Thanks to your laser smoking cessation program, it was relatively stress free. I smoked over a pack a day for over 30 years. I made an attempt to quit just one other time. The last time I quit it was cold turkey and I was free from cigarettes for 4 years, then I started up again. What made quitting this time different was the fact that I did not feel the depression and anxiety while physically withdrawing from the nicotine. When I quit on my own without the help of your laser treatment, I didn’t even want to go on living, I was that depressed. So I am definitely an advocate for your program! Maria