Weight Management

Weight management

It is much easier to make healthy eating choices when you are not hungry all the time. Global Wellness Laser Therapy can help you attain a healthy eating lifestyle-not a temporary diet. We help to do this through the use of a low-level/ biostimulation laser. Targeting areas on the body to stimulate endorphins to help decrease appetite and cravings as well as help to balance your metabolic rate. This program is not about NOT eating in fact it’s about eating more often, just the proper foods. We are very excited about this breakthrough in technology and look forward to helping you finally reach your healthy body weight!

Here’s how it works:

The initial appointment is about an hour. This includes the laser therapy, nutritional and behavioural modification counseling, body mass index (BMI), and nutritional supplement instructions to enhance your results. Additional laser therapy sessions (“enhancement”) are only about 20min. Laser energy is used to stimulate different body points (ears, face, hands, wrist, lower leg and foot).

Laser therapy stimulation will increase metabolic rate which increases the body’s ability to lose fat while enhancing lean muscle. This stimulation also signals the brain to release feel-good neurochemicals that help to suppress the appetite and reduce cravings for unhealthy foods (sugar based). The effects of the laser energy is collective in results, each treatment will enhance the metabolic rate to a higher level. “The higher the metabolic rate the more efficient fat loss”. Some individuals will schedule laser enhancements at shorter or longer intervals depending on their unique response to the treatment.

The number of treatments will be suggested upon assessment and on your personal goals and your commitment to lifestyle changes. If you want lasting results with any program, you must implement lasting behaviour changes. We will show you how! People who follow our program will reach their goals quickly, safely and permanently. Many patients find that the initial session has motivated them to continue personal behaviour and nutritional changes. In any case, Laser Therapy can accelerate your weight loss goals with just a single session.

A healthy eating plan and exercise routine is the goal to healthy lifestyle and weight loss. Our goal is to help you create and maintain an ideal body without feeling deprived. Global Wellness professionals are on your team, together we will win!

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