Chiropractic Frequently Asked Questions

I was told I should see a chiropractor, but I’m nervous about it. I mean, what exactly are chiropractors? Chiropractors are doctors who practice the art of healing by adjusting, or manipulating, the spinal column. A healthy, well aligned spinal column moving with full range of motion allows the nervous system to perform properly, which is vital because it controls every function of your body. To be licensed, chiropractors must have three years of university followed by four years at Chiropractic College.

Does it hurt to get your spine adjusted? Not at all. Chiropractic adjustments are comfortable and safe for the whole family, from infants to pregnant women and the elderly. For hundreds of thousands of Canadians, visiting a chiropractor is just routine- like regular dental check- ups.

Do physicians recommend chiropractic care? Most do, and many are being treated by chiropractors themselves.

If I go see a chiropractor, will I be expected to keep going? That’s entirely up to you. Some people only want to be treated for a specific pain or illness, and when symptoms disappear they stop going. Others use chiropractic care to fully correct the underlying cause of the symptoms and to remain feeling really well. Like a car, your body has constant stress and wear, and it benefits from a “tune-up”. However, which treatment approach you want is always your choice.

Doesn’t it cost a fortune? No. Many of the pain-killers and drugs you buy to treat pain and illness cost more than chiropractic care. Yet chiropractic care treats more than just the symptoms of poor health, it treats the underlying cause. It also helps to restore and maintain good health- without using any drugs.

Maintaining a car costs about $6,000 a year. Chiropractic care costs a fraction of that.

Is it covered by insurance? If you and your family have extended health care coverage through an employee benefits plan, it’s very likely that plan covers chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care is covered under many EHC plans as a paramedical service.

Three recent reports have concluded that increased utilization of chiropractic care can reduce benefit costs and contribute to improved productivity. As well, patients treated by a chiropractor for back pain returned to work sooner and had reduced rates of chronic problems and hospitalization.

Chiropractors are the practitioners of choice when it comes to back pain, and have a high rate of patient satisfaction. About 4 million Canadians consult a chiropractor each year.

The Chiropractic Philosophy

Your chiropractor uses highly specialized hands-on techniques which assist your spine, central nervous system, and body to heal themselves naturally. Chiropractic Care helps you return to optimum health by restoring and maintaining nerve and joint function. The end result? You are healthier and pain free, allowing you to live life to the fullest once again.