Anatomy Of An Adjustment

Here’s how a chiropractic adjustment works:

Step One

A chiropractor will locate the source of your pain by:

  • Listening to you explain your symptoms
  • Using his or her hands and knowledge of the spine to locate the source of pain
  • Using x-rays, orthopedic tests (e.g., checking how you walk, bend or lift things) or neurological testing (e.g., checking hand-eye coordination, reflexes)

Step Two

Once the problem is located, a chiropractor will test your range of motion by:

  • Testing how far you can move by yourself without any pain
  • Testing how far you can move with a little help

Step Three

Once a course of care is determined, and the matter of informed consent discussed, treatment can begin. When a chiropractor determines your range of motion, he or she will:

  • Carefully position you to isolate the problem and move your affected joint to the limit of its range of motion
  • Use his or her hands directly on your back to carefully apply the pressure required to move the affected joint
  • Relieve the pressure on the joints, muscles, and nerves, and allows the spine to return to its natural position and movement